Local Lead Generation Should Be Automated To Work Consistently

Local Lead Generationonline is a potential gold mine for small business. Most local businesses simply don’t know how to do it well.  The opportunity to leverage massive growth in “Local Search” to create automated online lead generation machines is a competitive edge that should not be ignored.

Traditional lead generation services have an inherent challenge that often prevents small business from implementing a successful lead generation program.  Most of the activities needed for effective lead generation are outside the comfort zone for small business owners and managers.

Asking friends, family, members of organizations where you belong and other social contacts for business or for referrals is very uncomfortable to most people. And cold-calling of any kind is, for most people, something to avoid at all costs.

Implementing 360-degree Local Lead Generation programs in a business that asks or requires staff to engage in lead-generation activities is extremely difficult.  Few people like this activity.  Proactive, direct lead-generation programs, however well incentivized, may have an initial burst of success, but rarely endure. Even in the Referral Systems program we strongly recommend, some of the many suggested activities will be limited by human fears of embarrassment or lowered peer-image.

Paid marketing activities to generate leads are financially risky and can have wildly varying ROI.  It’s bad enough for even large companies with entire marketing departments to create and sustain high-ROI lead generation systems.  So how hard is it for small business with limited staff and resources to risk investing confidently in traditional lead-generation programs?

Automated lead generation – specifically, online lead generation – is the new power tool to building a sustainable Local Lead Generation system.  The difference from traditional systems is the fundamental difference between “selling” and “attracting.”  Online lead generation is about attracting leads by providing people who search the Internet with a path to a solution.

This entire blog is about the power of attraction.  With more than 80% of Americans searching online for local business information, today’s smart small business is setting honey pots all over the Internet that attract visitors  from their service area with the nectar of the age – solutions to problems.

I’ll be doing an entire post on lead generation “honey pots” because the metaphor is amazingly on-target and fun.  For now, let’s just say that attracting leads online with honey is a lot more powerful today than traditional lead generation systems.  Why?  Because it can be automated to attract actively-engaged solutions seekers 24 hours a day, every day – and do it affordably..

No need to actively seek them out and convince them to pay attention to you.  Just make it easy for solutions-seekers to find you, and attract their interest with something they want or need.

So forget the old objections – that there’s not enough search activity locally to make a difference – that figuring out how to do it is confusing and intimidating – that a nice website, and especially one optimized for the search engines, is enough.

There is a short window open for smart small businesses to dominate their niche with automated Local Lead Generation online systems. That window will close quickly as valuable online real estate is grabbed up by forward-looking local business owners (they could be your competitors) who “get it.”

Don’t go another day without investigating the Local Lead Generation online power of dominating Local Search in your niche – before a competitor does.

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